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    Are you searching for a reputable swimming pool removal company in Plano, Texas? At Remove A Pool, we provide high-quality pool removal services at an affordable rate. Our cost-effective concrete removal methods put us ahead of the competition for saving time and money. We are proud of our stellar reputation for complete customer satisfaction at every swimming pool removal site.

    Reasons for Removing Your Plano, Texas Swimming Pool?

    At Remove A Pool, we realize each of our customers has a personal reason for removing a swimming pool in Plano, Texas. Are you able to relate to any of these reasons from our past clients?

    • The pool needs major repairs or complete replacing.
    • The pool’s monthly cleaning and general maintenance expense keep increasing. Removing the pool, eliminates the expense, freeing up funds for other projects.
    • The swimming pool was a family activity. Your children have grown, leaving the pool unused for weeks at a time.
    • The time has come for you to sell your home. Removing the swimming pool has the potential to attract more potential buyers.
    • Removing your swimming pool frees up valuable yard space for your new project.

    Whether your reason is listed or completely different, our demolition experts are ready to eliminate your unwanted swimming pool.

    Enjoy Your Backyard Again!

    Services Offered

    Demolition Process

    Reclaim Your Backyard

    Why Hire Our Remove A Pool Team?

    At Remove A Pool, we believe in a comprehensive swimming pool removal service from the beginning. We start each Plano, Texas pool demolition with a free estimate. Our experts carefully analyze your pool removal needs to develop a plan of action. After you accept our budget-friendly estimate, our team immediately begins the process of removing your unwanted swimming pool.


    At Remove A Pool, we want your experience with us to be completely stress-free. Our team handles all the paperwork, research, and zoning requirements. We acquire the necessary permits to remove your swimming pool in Plano, Texas.

    Safety Check

    Our demolition experts adhere to all safety protocols for removing a swimming pool. Prior to beginning the removal process, we check for any remaining utility connections. If necessary, we neutralize the chlorine and empty the pool.

    Specialized Equipment

    At Remove A Pool, we understand removing a swimming pool requires specialized equipment for high-level results. We equip our demolition experts with the leading industry tools, machinery, and technology.


    Our demolition contractors are highly experienced professionals. Prior to going into the field to remove a swimming pool, we train each of our team members. Fully insured and certified, our demolition experts use a combination of experience, knowledge, and training for fast, efficient pool removal service.

    Demolition Process

    At Remove A Pool, we offer two high-quality choices, partial or complete, for removing a swimming pool in Plano, Texas.

    • Complete: We remove your entire swimming pool from your property. Complete is ideal for property owners who plan to build on the pool site. The complete removal process eliminates any potential building restrictions due to pool ownership.
    • Partial: A popular choice, we only remove a portion of your swimming pool from your property. The rest of the pool remains in the ground. Partial removal is generally a faster alternative to complete removal.

    We finalize both types of swimming pool removal by clearing away the debris. Concrete and other usable materials are set aside for recycling. We dispose of the remaining debris in a proper manner.

    We smooth the pool removal area and fill the open cavities. Packing a combination of rocks, gravel, and topsoil prevents settling on the pool site. If required, our team grades and preps the site for your next project.

    Are you ready to begin the process of removing a swimming pool in Plano, Texas? Please contact us today at Remove A Pool. We are here to answer all of your pool removal questions.

    Some Of Our Testimonals

    They know what they are doing!

    We are extremely happy with what the Remove A Pool team did with our backyard.  Bill called us back almost immediately after we emailed them looking for more information.  He was able to get me an estimate promptly.  He also gave us about 30 happy testimonials to read from satisfied clients.

    They started the project just a few days of sending a deposit.  Bill’s crew clearly provided me with the process before starting the removal.  We have a garden that was able to be undisturbed by the machines..

    The men that Bill has that worked on the pool were very polite and worked hard.  They worked magic in my backyard by getting rid of the pool as quickly as they did and making the backyard look as good as it does now!


    K. Pal

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